Dear Future Husband,

I know you don’t know me yet. But I can’t wait to meet you in God’s perfect timing. I know the wait is kinda (okay–super) long, but it’s gonna be worth it!!

I just want you to know I’m praying for you currently. I pray that whatever spiritual struggle you’re going through– if you’re fighting a battle in the mind, a battle of what to believe/whether the Bible’s trustworthy or not, a battle of words with friends, family, and acquaintances–that a) you’re not alone (those fights are just some things I’m dealing with right now) and b) JESUS CHRIST is MORE than enough, babe!

Rely on Him. Pray constantly about what you’re going through. Tell Him your fears, concerns, frustrations, etc. Let Him know that you’re done with being chained to this sin and that you want to be free!! Then make an effort to change! Tell someone close to you about your struggles; find an accountability partner! Know that once you’ve confessed your sin, you’ve been forgiven. Know that then you are free to walk in righteousness with the help of the One who walked on water! Don’t give up the fight! Baby, you’re gonna be okay because the One from above has conquered the grave, freeing you from all past, present, and future sin!! Amazing, huh?

That’s why you’ve first gotta make sure your vertical relationship with the God of this universe is right. And I want you to know that right now, regardless of what you’ve believed about Him before, how you’ve treated others, etc., He’s ready and waiting for you to cry out to Him. He loves you way more than any human on earth ever could!

Babe, you’re a wonderful human being, full of amazing skills and talents. What God has called you to do right now, at this moment in time, even if it’s not what you want to be doing, is an opportunity to expand your skills and to work your hardest for His glory, to get you to that next step and towards where you actually want to be headed!

I also need you to realize you’re caring, sweet, funny, beautiful, and I cannot wait to meet you! I don’t have a clue where God will lead you and me to find each other, but I know it will be absolutely amazing when it does happen.<3 Until then, know that regardless of what others have to say about you (which says more about them than you), you’re an absolutely wonderful person. Don’t change who you are just because others want you to!!

Until God leads us to meeting each other, have a wonderful life, babe. I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and I hope your Christmas is purely magical.  I mean, a person like you deserves it! I hope you don’t get so caught up in the messiness of life that you forget to thank God for everything you do have. I hope you don’t forget to thank Him in spite of what you don’t have. Baby, I’m only saying these things because I myself have a tendency to struggle with this, as well as a tendency to get off the path, to get away from what truly matters,which leads to more and more struggles. Stay on the path, babe. Listen closely to God’s truths for you daily.  Pray without ceasing. Draw near to Him, as I know you want to do. Keep on keeping on and chasing what and Who truly matters! ❤

I love you, babe, and I want you to know God loves you even more.

I hope 2015 finishes out well for you, and that 2016 treats you well!! Best wishes on what all life entails for you in this upcoming leap year!

Don’t let the criticisms from others and the naysayers pull you away from what God has said about you and told you, from what you know to be true about yourself, and from what those who do have your back have affirmed about you. Stay true to yourself, and make a choice to be happy this year. Babe, don’t give up something that’s hard and seemingly bad (but only based off of misinterpretation) for something that’s just not right at all for you, as I did this year. Baby, pray, pray, and pray some more before you make any decisions, major or minor!!

Again, I love you so much!! I can’t wait for God to lead me to you, but until then, I hope maybe you’ll somehow read this or know that I was praying for you.

(And in all honesty, I would love to know you’re praying for me, too, but that’s just a crazy girl dreaming.)

Well, here’s to someday!! <3<3


Your future wife,