The Hidden Dangers of ‘Skinny Fat’

Oh, yay!!! This merely confirms the struggle of my life …Why yes, I’m pretty skinny, don’t weigh over 110 pounds and pretty much can eat whatever I want. But, I don’t have a flat stomach and thus am skinny yet fat. The problem, though, is that physicians and other people who instruct others to live a healthy lifestyle probably would recommend I start a daily exercise regimen ASAP, drink much more water, and begin to actually care for my body, rather than just letting whatever happen. But, then there are people who are much taller and thus bigger than me who would see this, and see me advocating a healthy lifestyle who might think that if I need to exercise, then they do. They might even take it further and begin to believe that this is my backhanded way of telling them so without being too mean. I feel as if I’m getting flack, albeit nonverbal, from both sides–those who are larger than me and the “health nuts”. Sigh…


When Elizabeth Chanatry was 16 years old, she was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. You’d never know it by looking at the 5-foot-3-inch tall, 117-pound 19-year-old, but even Chanatry admits that she’s not as fit as she could be. “My sister and I are not toned, but we are thin,” she says. Chanatry has genetics to thank for her physique, but also for her diabetes—her older sister and father both suffer from the disease too. For as long as she could remember Chanatry drank Diet Coke and asked for sugar-free syrup to avoid too much of the sweet stuff, but when she started to get symptoms for diabetes, she knew it hadn’t been enough.

Obesity is a serious epidemic in the U.S., but the problem, doctors say, is that we are putting too much weight on weight. When the CDC released obesity numbers last week, we cheered that the rate…

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