Lessons Learned on “Just Another Manic Monday”

Today, after working at my particular job for over a year now, you would think I would have everything down pat.

Well, customer service, food service, and interacting with people in general is always full of new opportunities, learning experiences, and both interesting and awkward moments, especially for this introverted ambivert.  For the most part, though, the day turned out to not be too bad. Here are some things that God sent my way to instruct me and help me either do better next time or as refreshing moments in the midst of a crazy Monday.

1. Never take people for granted.

One of my coworkers is on vacation this week, and that means my brother who works there as well takes over his position. And I get to take over his not-so-coveted position in the drive-thru. Basically, the usually (semi-)taut ship that is run won’t run quite as smoothly this week. And, that’s okay. But, I definitely miss S.  His value to the company can clearly be seen, as well as my brother’s. I’m thankful for both of them and the positions they take on that I could never do quite as excellent as they do. Never downplay the roles of the people God places in your life, whether it’s siblings, coworkers, friends, etc. And, make sure to treat them with the utmost respect and kindness and how you want to be treated.

2. Don’t take things too seriously.

Girl, you need to lighten up. You need to toughen up in how you talk and interact with others and that includes your emotions. People say things to help you, not hurt you intentionally.  If people seemingly are laughing at you, take it with a grain of salt. If anything, pretend they just remembered a joke right when you did something “stupid”/ “weird”. Even if they were laughing, they’re strangers. They won’t remember it by the end of the day. So, why should you?

3. Don’t forget to encourage others.

They encourage you, so be sure to genuinely let them know when they did a stellar job.

4. Listen to others’ encouragement as much as you listen to their criticism.

Each may be valid…but that’s just it.  Each is equally valid.  Remember, “you is kind, you is smart, you is important” (The Help, Kathryn Stockett, 2009). That leads to numbers 5, 6, and 7.

5. Be kind, even when you don’t feel like it or feel like others deserve your kindness.

6. You’re smarter than you think. (So act upon what you *do* know!!)

7. You’re important.  You matter where God has you right now. This idea leads to a healthy dose of self-confidence!

8. Count your blessings, even on the seemingly gloomiest of days.

You know what a bright spot is in the midst of a hectic day? A super attractive gentleman with luscious locks giving a heartfelt, heart-warming smile to a certain order taker. Needless to say, my heart melted, my manager also noticed the customer’s look, and my day was made.  Aside from the fact I now have a new favorite customer (kidding), it just shows what a smile can do in someone’s life.

9. There’s always room for improvement, and that’s where tomorrow comes into play.

Do your best, but even that might still fall short. But, don’t quit trying because of failure or the fear of failure. Learn from your mistakes. Know what you did wrong. But, move on!! Go out and excel tomorrow. Just do it!

10.  Know when to shut up and when to speak up.

Usually, I say what’s on my mind at the wrong time and don’t speak up when I actually should. I think I’ve gotten that backwards. This trait is definitely something the majority of people are still working on perfecting. Only by God’s strength and power can this problem be corrected. So, in conclusion, prayer, prayer, and more prayer is the key in getting rid of the bad and implementing the good characteristics. A right relationship with God leads to right interactions with humans.

These lessons were just a sampling of issues that I face each day and how I often want to act/respond rather than how I should.  But, just as I know you can be your fabulous, achieving self tomorrow, you can also change to give up bad habits.  Besides, changing the world and the world’s way of thinking starts with just one person.

Mother Teresa "Do It Anyway" by LADYBIRDINK

—QUOTE BY: Mother Teresa