Remind Me Why I’m Here Again?

I have been a bit delayed in writing a new blog for the past two months.  The whole month of August was a blur, as I was meeting various appointments, trying (sometimes unsuccessfully) to enjoy my last month with my family, as well as preparing for college.  And, thus, I am back at the Bob after staying out a year and working at the fabulous Jason’s Deli at Polaris.  I have been here almost 2 weeks, and the love-hate feelings have come flooding back.  People back home asked why I stayed out a year, and now people here have asked why I came back.  There have been various reasons for both.  First, I stayed out in order to earn money, and still honestly could have stayed out longer to be more financially prepared.  But, I will tell you that last year was a struggle all on its own.  When I came here two years ago, I finally branched out, blossomed, and made friends, some of whom are still here, and I’ve been able to reconnect with them.  However, some, okay not just some, but many of them either graduated, left, or are staying out for an indefinite period of time.  I have come back to some wonderful rule changes and even more wonderful friends, but there are still things about Bob Jones University that I cannot honestly say I love doing and would go back home in a heartbeat to avoid having to do them if I had a way to do so.  But, alas, my parents (and I, at least earlier this year due to having basically no friends) came to the decision that not only  would I do them and myself a service by going back, but also  this is where God wants me.  So, here I am.  Sadly, the health problem that I developed/that worsened during my time here freshman year is still with me, as it was last year at the Deli.  Honestly, it’s getting to the point that I cannot stay in one location or situation for too long before people discover the problem I have.  So, that situation is one I would much rather resolve from the confines of my own home with my dog and my family back in Columbus.  But, because God knows all things and has planned out my life, He has seen fit for me to come back here.  That is why, at least for the time being, I am here again.  For sure, the classes, making meal plans, dorm life, and lack of sleep can be extremely stressful.  For me, as I mentioned above, making friends in and of itself is stressing!! Even though I’d like to complain, it really does me no good, so instead I’m going to take some space below to list reasons why God has me in this particular situation at this time, and I hope that others who may be wondering the same thing about what God has brought their way will find these reasons to be helpful.

I’m back at college, specifically at Bob Jones University, at least for the months of September through December because:

(1. It was/is God’s plan for my life right now.)

2. I started getting a degree, and I’m not a quitter.

3. There are people here whom I love dearly.

4. There are people here whom I have yet to meet and become friends with.

5. There are friends and family in the nearby area.

6. Education is important, and a Christian education is even more important.

7. I’m preparing myself for the real world; hopefully, I can apply my time-management tips/getting places on time to when I work back home over breaks.

8. It is a well-needed break from my family.

9. I can never say hello to those whom I have never told goodbye.

10. There is so much I do not know (regarding English history, science, Spanish, and the Bible), and I need a career eventually!

11. I need to learn independence.

Everyone needs a reminder now and then on why they choose to do something hard.  I hope these reasons help, and remember that true strength and peace can only come from the God of the universe.  It’s such an encouragement that He already knows what our future holds, as well as He has never let us experience something we cannot handle with His help. Resting on Him is definitely easier said than done, but it is something He has been teaching me over the past few months.  He’s got this!!

Psalm 29:11