What Hurts the Most

i try to think happy thoughts …but some days…………

And Such Is Life

You know that feeling when you get those nervous butterflies in your stomach around that certain someone?   You know the one I’m talking about.  And, if you say you don’t, you’re lying.  Coupled with that is shortened breath, pinkening cheeks, and a quickened pulse. You can’t stop thinking about him/her, and you can’t get over the fact how much you enjoy being with this person.

That pretty much means you’ve got the hots for someone.  The love bug has struck, or Cupid has shot you with his arrow.

Love is a terribly confusing, sad, crazy, and yet joyful emotion.

But, what hurts is when the person you have feelings for doesn’t reciprocate.  You care about him, but he doesn’t care about you in the same way.  He’s nice…but nice to everyone. He talks and smiles at you but about nothing of deep substance or meaning.  He never asks you…

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