15 Problems Short Girls Can Relate To

Hello.  I’m Emma.  I’m almost 20. Yes, I’m 5 feet tall, and no I don’t look my age.  Just as tall ladies have problems, we shorties have our own.   Here’s some of them:

1.  Normal pants are too long.  When they do fit, they’re usually supposed to be capri length.  (And, petite sized pants usually aren’t geared to college-aged ladies.)

2.  (Many shorties are also baby-faced.  Here’s one for you.)  People tell you you’ll love looking like that when your older.

3. People jokingly ask you if you get carded to see R- rated movies.

4. At work, you either must constantly use a step ladder, and STILL struggle to get items down from shelves, or feel like a burden and go ask someone taller.

5. Friends or relatives the same age as you like to stand next to you and share that you’re both the same age.

6. Some people mistakenly ask what high school you attend or when you’re going to graduate from high school.

7. When you are ringing people up, they say, “Thank you, sweetie” , “honey”, “baby”, or “young lady”.

8.  “I thought you were 14!”

9. Younger children stand next to you and share that they’re almost your height.

10. You always had to stand in the front row for class picture days, kindergarten through high school.

11. (For the swimmers out there): Swim competitions placed you in heats by age group; the final category was 15-18 year olds. Enough said .

12. You were always just inches from being able to ride the “big kid rides” and rollercoasters with your “normal height” friends.

13. You put your hair up on top of your head to make you look at least a teensy bit taller.

14. Driving takes just a little bit more skill (either that, or a pillow). 😉

15. Other people somehow seem to think that you’re their personal arm rest or somehow you enjoy being their arm rest.

In the end ladies, it doesn’t matter whether we’re tall or not.  God looks at our heart, and He created everyone in all different shapes and sizes.  We’re just how He meant us to be. Just think of the plus side: we don’t hardly have to duck  under things, we’re “FUN size”, and we can be quite useful for getting in small spaces.  🙂 I hope maybe some people can relate to these, and since we know we have our problems, let’s not forget to treat our tall friends with kindness and empathy, since they have their own problems and we know what it is like to be on the receiving end of some ribbing and poking fun.  I’ve just had to learn to be like a duck and let it float off my back because we can’t change our height.  Life’s too short to take jokes too seriously.  🙂


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